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"Gauli Glacier" product line – 46°36'30" N, 8°11'56" E

The geographic coordinates are the dinstinguishing feature of our product line.
These coordinates pinpoint the location of the specific adventure depicted in our HISTORY-Comix – be it high on the Gauli Glacier or down on the Gulf of Aqaba's barren dunes, where remnants of the disasters remain still.

We begin the adventure series with the crash landing of an American military plane on the Gauli Glacier in Switzerland and the ensuing historic first mountain rescue of the surviving four crew and eight passengers. The recent discovery of one of the propellers of the Douglas C-53 that crashed there in 1946 brought the dramatic heroics into the headlines once again.

Stay tuned for further HISTORY-Comix stories that will transport your imagination to the world’s far away corners.